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Bandhavgarh National Park Safari

Elephant Rides and Full Day Safaris

Elephant back rides at Bandhavgarh National Park is yet another very popular activity that wildlife enthusiasts and photographers look forward to. The Wildflower Resort's team would be delighted to arrange an elephant back safari should you want to have this wonderful experience. As this excursion isn't always available and cannot be booked online or in advance the hotels in bandhavgarh play a crucial role to facilitate this. The available variants for this activity at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve are either a Half hour elephant back joy ride or a Three hour elephant safari. A short elephant ride lasting for 30 minutes is possible if you hold a valid safari permit for the same zone where the elephant rides are being made available, a matter of sheer coincidence. As the safari experts at our bandhogarh resorts are well informed about the intricacies of the procedure, you must stay at The Wildflower Resort, where your safari itinerary would be designed in a way that these possibilities convert into reality. You must be aware that wild elephants are not found in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The forest administration at various national parks in Madhya Pradesh like Bandhavgarh national park, Pench National Park, Kanha National park, Panna national park, Satpura National Park etc.have tamed elephants for surveillance and rescue purposes. These elephants are made available for research, photography and tourism purposes only as a secondary priority. The terms, conditions and procedure involved is so difficult that it is not easy for normal visitor to hire them to enjoy elephant safari in Bandhavgarh. Although we cannot ensure the visitors they will get the elephant ride for sure, but the success rate with us is significantly higher than most other resorts in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.

As our resorts in bandhavgarh host wildlifers and photographers and conducts wildlife photography tours on a regular basis, your staying at our wildlife lodges in Bandhavgarh is your best bet.
Please stay advised that : -

  • Elephant back Joy ride or a Half Day Elephant Safari is an addition to a regular Jeep Safari and is conducted only in the morning session.
  • Elephant for a joy ride or a half day safari can be booked only 24 hrs in advance.
  • A confirmation can only be made a few hours before the safari timing.
  • An application to the Field Director of Bandhavgarh national park safari is required to be submitted for Elephant safari booking.
  • Elephant ride approval is usually given for wildlife photographers for photography purpose and not for normal safari.
  • Half day (ie 3 hrs) Elephant Safari is only provided to those who have also booked a full-day jeep safari.
  • Their is not guarantee that if full-day jeep safari permit has been issued a elephant safari will also be confirmed.
  • Maximum 03 hours elephant ride is allowed, with full-day jeep safari.
  • An application to the Field Director, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve has to be made around 7 to 10 days in advance for issuance of permit for full day jeep safari along with a demand draft of security deposit. Only 03 persons are allowed for a full day jeep safari and the elephant safari.
  • Only three such applications are accepted for any particular day.
  • A soft copy of photographs shot whilst on this safari has to be submitted to park authority as a mandatory condition.







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