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Let the magic of dense pristine forests unfold the spell in an open 4x4 Gypsy in the core of the national park, with skilled drivers at the wheel accompanied with a knowledgeable naturalist. Follow the pugmarks and before you know it, the king is right in front of you with all the magnificence and splendor. There's plenty in the store for you be it rich game like the Sambhar, herds of spotted deer munching in those vast grasslands, or wild boars trying to run away from your sight, peacocks dancing in frenzy or the bison trying to figure out what are you doing in their territory.

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Bandhavgarh Safari Booking

Bandhavgarh safari booking is done online and a very few safari permits are issued on the spot. Bandhavgarh National park hotels (including the MP tourism White tiger forest lodge) do not have any special privilege for booking a Tiger safari in Bandhavgarh. We, like other resorts in Bandhavgarh National Park, can help you to get a Bandhavgarh safari booking but due to limited availability of tiger safari permits it is strongly advised that you plan your wildlife tour to Bandhavgarh well in advance. We also have safari inclusive Bandhavgarh tour packages which might serve you better. Booking forest excursion in Bandhavgarh National Park can also be done in an economical manner by opting for a single seat safari permit or by Canters (18 Seater open bus). Presently one canter is plied in Khitouli and Magadhi Zone of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and booking for the same is available on spot at Tala Forest Counter. Advance booking for Canter Safari in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is not available through the mponline website. We are one of the few Luxury Hotels in Bandhavgarh which assists in booking safari at Bandhavgarh through canter as well

Safari Timings

The timing of the park safari varies in consonance with sunrise and sunset timing. It takes a few minutes from The The Wildflower Resort to reach the entry gates for Jeep safari in Bandhavgarh. It is recommended that you leave around 30 minutes prior to the gate opening time for the relevant Zone of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. The gypsy for safari reach the resorts in Bandhavgarh around 45 minutes prior to the safari timing for pick up. Our Resort in Bandhavgarh caters to a large number of wildlife photographers who demand their gypsy to reach the entry point a lot earlier to get the first entry in park and we delightfully arrange the same.

Safari Type Duration Timing for Morning Safari Timing for Evening Safari
Entry Exit Entry Exit
General safari (2 rounds in a day) 1st Oct - 31st Oct 6.00 11.00 3.00 6.00
- 1st Nov - 30th Nov 6.15 11.00 3.00 5:45
- 1st Dec - 31st Dec 6.30 11.00 3.00 5:30
- 1st Jan - 31st Jan 6.45 11.00 3.00 5:45
- 1st Feb - 28th Feb 6.30 11.00 3.00 6:15
- 1st Mar - 31st Mar 6.15 11.00 3.00 6:30
- 1st Apr - 30th Apr 5.45 11.00 3.00 6.45
- 1st May - 31st May 5.30 11.00 3.00 7:00
- 1st June - 30th June 5.30 11.00 3.00 7:00
Filming/ Photography (Full day) - 15 minutes before the general safari time to 15 minutes after the general safari time




We highly recommend an overnight stay in a forest that is as alive in the night as it is in the day and Corbett is the only tiger reserve in the country that offers an opportunity to live within the forest. Spending a night or two in one of the park lodges provides the most immersive jungle experience and as the jungle’s nocturnal sounds lull you to a restorative sleep, you awaken fresh at dawn to a fever of wildlife activity. A naturalist shall accompany you to help interpret the ways of the jungle. While lodging within the park is spartan, we add elements of luxury with a few modern comforts to make your stay enjoyable.

An intimation of 60 days for weekend bookings and 45 days for weekday bookings would be necessary to facilitate a stay in the park.


Half Day 3-4 hrs

A jeep safari offers you the only opportunity to traverse deep into the Corbett National Park; through its hills, streams and dense jungles. The Jeep enables one to cover large areas of the park, increasing the chance of animal encounters.


The fishing experience

Experience a weekend of angling for the Mahaseer and Goonch or just enjoy a day of fishing and a picnic. Sometimes, Otter families can be sighted along the river's length while the evenings bring Deer and other wildlife to the river's bank.


Learning about Jim Corbett

Chotti Haldwani is the name given to the land bought by Jim Corbett near his home in Kaladhungi. Together with his sister Maggie, he developed a model Bhabhar village and settled about 40 families in it. The Jim Corbett Heritage Trail managed by the villagers provides a unique firsthand experience of the work done in developing this model Kumaoni village.


5-15 kms 1.5-3 hrs

Bicycle through plantation forests of the buffer zone to nearby villages as a local guide informs you about the culture and lifestyle of the indigenous Gujjar people. Enjoy a locally cooked meal with the village folk.


Learning about Jim Corbett

Learn about Jim Corbett exploring the sights, sounds and smells of the surrounding forests as you trek into the jungle escorted by a trained naturalist. The naturalists introduces you to the jungle ecology.

Young Rangers

Experience About Corbett Landscape

Sustainable wildlife tourism can be a highly valuable tool for conservation for generations ahead. As our youngsters are future ambassadors of the planet, we have a created a Young Ranger’s Program for our guests as a means to nurture their understanding of the jungle and the symbiotic relationships that exist here. The program focuses on how the forest ecosystem works, tracking animal footprints, identifying birds, butterflies and mammals and how we can continue to experience, enjoy and protect our wilderness areas without causing disruption to the balance of nature.







About The Wildflower Resort

Nestling in the forested hills of Bandhavgarh National Park India, The Wildflower Resort is a leading jungle resort. Here you can revitalize your mind, body and soul amid picturesque wild country. There are several hotels in bandhavgarh but The Wildflower Resort abutting the core area of the park has a picture-perfect setting with hills clad in greens skirting the lodge, butterflies fluttering in the gardens and chirping of birds as musical theme.

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