Imagine staying in wild pristine environments of Bandhavgarh forest where the serene silence of jungle would only be broken by chirping of the birds. Imagine dinners by the campfire, trading the jungle tales and the exotic sounds of the bush lulling you to sleep. Welcome to the best hotel in Bandhavgarh, The The Wildflower Resort in Bandhavgarh, driven by a philanthropic goal of both protecting the environment and giving back to the local community.

Best Resorts and Hotel in Bandhavgarh National Park

The Grounds

Day + night drives

A highly rated wildlife lodge that offers an immersive jungle experience to its guests in over 15 acres of replanted forest. Only 18 independent cottages can be found here among water bodies, grasslands and mixed deciduous flora from the Terai planted decades ago.

Swimming Pool

Day + night drives

Several water bodies, large and small, dot the property with lotus, water lilies and other distinctive species of flora. These water bodies make for an appropriate activity area for fishing for kids along with their families and provide a perfect ecosystem for birds, insects, butterflies, dragonflies and turtles.

Bird Watching

Day + night drives

Corbett is home to nearly 10% of bird species in India, of which nearly 600 resident and migratory species can be found here. At the Retreat, you'll have a chance to see these magnificent feathery creatures. Our curated birdwalks within and outside the retreat will take you to the riverbed, the Machaan, along our Mahavan, Python and Bagh Machaan trails, where over 150 species can be seen.

Organic Farms

Day + night drives

The organic farm at the Retreat offers fresh vegetables sourced for our delicious ‘farm-to-table’ cuisines. The veggie patch can be explored by guests where they can pick their own vegetables and learn about sustainable farming and ancient techniques.


Day + night drives

The dining locations vary, as each meal is served in different locations at the lodge. Bush dinners in surprise locations among grasses and trees, under the open sky in a star lit night, up on the machaan; at the open-to-the forest Golghar or at the forest view café with comfortable sofas and unique à la carte food options. Arrangements for private dining are also available at the Retreat.


Day + night drives

A gastronomical experience awaits you with sublime mouth-watering delicacies from the hill hearths of the Kumaon, family recipes from the Raj and from the newabi kitchens of Rampur. The food is organic as it is sourced from the retreat's vegetable patch and village fields nearby.


Our Bandhavgarh lodge has just 15 luxurious cottages. The intimate size of the resort ensures a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and very personal service. The Wildflower Resort in Bandhavgarh offers all modern amenities to make your wilderness experience delightful. Be it very comfortable beds, air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms with bathtubs, LCD televisions with satellite connection, we have all that you will need. A gastronomic experience awaits you with organic farm-to-table meals, cuisines from the Bagheli royal kitchens along with traditional Indian Cuisine. Birdsongs, privacy, and sumptuous meals are your personal luxuries here.

Bush dinners in bamboo thickets, under the Mahua tree in a star lit night, up on the machaan, at the wilderness windows in Golghar or at the farm view patio with bonfires is an experience you would never forget. Arrangements for private dining with à la carte choices are also available at the resort. The Wildflower Resort has been recognized as one of the best hotels in Bandhavgarh national park India by several review sites. The Bandhavgarh wilderness experience that you have been dreaming of awaits you at The Wildflower Resort.


Experience Bandhavgarh

A mesmerizing wildlife destination featuring the highest Tigers density in the World, National Park Bandhavgarh is situated in District Umaria of Madhya Pradesh (Central India). Bandhavgarh forest was officially declared a National Park in 1968 and subsequently a Tiger Reserve under “Project Tiger” in 1994. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve now spreads over 639 Sq. Km. An erstwhile hunting preserve of the rulers of Rewa, Bandhavgarh flourished with special conservation measures taken by the forest department and is still a perfect habitat for Royal Bengal Tiger. Today Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve beckons wildlife enthusiasts for an unforgettable adventurous tour from all over the world. Lodging in serene ambiance of a wildlife resort at Bandhavgarh along with thrilling jeep safari in Bandhavgarh is a prominent feature of wildlife tour in India. Bandhavgarh Park is divided into Six zones out of which Tala, Magdhi and Khitauli are in higher demand amongst tourists visiting Bandhavgarh. Bandhavgarh ecosystem comprises of pure Sal belts interspersed with mixed forest zones, marshy grasslands and river systems. The park is named after the highest hill called Bandhavgarh on which lie the ruins of an ancient mentioned in Skanda Purana. The park is named after this hill which attains a height of 800 plus MSL and is one among the thirty two hillocks that over power the topography of the region.


The foliage in Bandhavgarh National Park is mostly of dry deciduous type and is quite rich in flora and fauna. Discover more

The area brings relatively moderate climate and the favorable topography uniquely supports the growth of rich and varied flora in the park. The captivating landscapes are spread over 32 hills, cliffs, plateaus and meadows. The vegetation of Bandhavgarh is specially filled with Sal forest in the valleys and Bamboo stretches on the lower slopes of the region. While half of the forest is covered with huge trees of Sal and Bamboo thickets, the forest also beholds mixed varieties, high grasslands which are a prominent feature of the Bandhavgarh jungle.
The marshy grasslands in basins of rivulets are unique to Bandhavgarh and are habitat of number of species of grasses. The meadows support large population of herbivores hence is popular hunting ground for tigers. The tremendous floral diversity forms an excellent habitat for myriads of life forms not found in broken ecosystems elsewhere in central India.


Bandhavgarh lies in Deccan Plateau, the largest biogeographic zone of India and harbors more Discover more

than 22 species of mammalian fauna. It is home to several rare, endemic and endangered species, important from the conservation point of view. The Tiger Reserve has a diversity of herbivores and carnivore. The mammalian species represent typical Central Indian fauna with tiger as the apex species in the food chain. Along with the tiger (tertial carnivore) leopard is found here. The tiger sighting is prolific in this park thanks to unique topography and high density of big cats. Leopard face stiff resistance from tigers hence is nocturnal in Nature but with some fortune they can be spotted in the park and village periphery in day time or dusk. Other animals seen commonly are spotted deer, sambar deer, barking deer, jackal, jungle cat, common mongoose, striped palm squirrel along with wild boar and Hanuman Langur.
Sloth bear are shy and nocturnal but are often seen while wild dogs are local migratory hence seen when present. Nilgai are subjected to persecution and prefer open areas of the park Animals like four horned deer, wolf, hyena, flying squirrel are rarely seen. Gaur became locally extinct due to loss of corridor. Last small population of gaur migrated out of Bandhavgarh before 1995. Gaur was reintroduced from Kanha Tiger Reserve in 2011. The chinkara an antelope found in open area near the villages are also sighted frequently. Nocturnal mammals constitute fox, ratel, porcupine, bandicoot rat, Indian tree shrew, grey musk shrew, Indian mole rat, flying fox, fulvous fruit bat, Indian false vampire, Indian pipistrelle, rufous tailed hare, black naped hare, Indian Pangolin and civets.
Some of the reptiles seen are the Indian Python, Krait, Russels' Viper, Spectacled Cobra, Common Vine Snake, Olivacious Keelback, Common Vine Snake, Striped Keelback, Monitor Lizard, Forest Lizard, Garden Lizard, Skink and Fan Throated Lizard. Thousands of species of insects find home in this little paradise in Central India. Butterflies, Dragonfly, Spiders and Moths are seen all around especially during the winter months.

Bandhavgarh Safari Booking

The main attraction of Bandhavgarh tour packages is Guided Jungle Safari, also known as Tiger Safari Bandhavgarh. Our specialized team at The Wildflower resorts in Bandhavgarh national park will facilitate you to explore the mystical beauty of the jungle and experience the vast wildlife diversity. Bandhavgarh National Park booking can be done online directly by a traveler or through resorts / hotels in Bandhavgarh on instructions. Please fill the online safari booking form given below and we would be more than happy to assist you. A jeep safari in Bandhavgarh involves making a safari booking through mponline website (not the Madhya Pradesh Tourism website), subsequently hiring a jeep for tiger safari and engaging an official guide of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Our Bandhavgarh packages include Tiger Safari, Nature trails, birding tour in Bandhavgarh buffer forest, excursion to Bandhavgarh Fort along with a tour to tribal villages in the Bandhavgarh.








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